The Miracle Project offers trainings and workshops for schools, individuals, & conferences.


“Being Miracle Minded” 

We offer Miracle Minded inspirational presentations where a Certified Miracle Project staff travels to your community and presents a half-day original encouraging and motivating speech on how to be open to life’s everyday miracles.   

“7-Keys to Unlock Autism”

Learn about The Miracle Project’s Founder, Elaine Hall’s, 7-Keys to Unlock Autism in a riveting 1-day training which will enlighten your community with her unique and groundbreaking methodologies for connecting with individuals with autism and other special needs.  Be prepared to embark on a multi-sensory experience where you will learn, firsthand, what it’s like to have sensory challenges and how you can learn to break through the barriers and develop meaningful connections with individuals with special needs.

“Miracle Inspired Training”

The option provides communities with a 2-day training program in Elaine Hall’s Seven Keys to Unlock Autism as well as Expressive Arts methodologies, the underying techniques and practices that fuel The Miracle Project and define the creative principles in working with students with autism and other special needs in the theatre arts.  While this option does not result in a Miracle Project program, it will provide communities with training and ideas for more effective interactions with individuals with autism.

“The Miracle Project in Los Angeles”

If you are located in Los Angeles and would like your organization to offer The Miracle Project, Certified Miracle Project Staff can facilitate classes at your organization.  Your volunteers will be trained in the 7-Keys to Unlock Autism and will embark on a 22-week journey to creating an original production inspired by your students.  

“Portable Miracle Project Training and Certification”

A solution for regional organizations without ready access to the Los Angeles based Center. The Portable Miracle Project includes Hall and/or certified Miracle Project Trainers conducting a fully-comprehensive training for local practitioners in Hall’s Seven Keys and Miracle Project methodologies. This training would provide the first step for local practitioners to becoming fully certified Miracle Project Facilitators. Moreover, this option provides the opportunity for regional practitioners to receive full Miracle Project Certification in less than a year without the need to travel to The Center in Los Angeles. In addition to training, this solution provides hands-on implementation of the regional Miracle Project program for local participants, scheduled on-site visits, ongoing supervision and phone or video consultation for the duration of the program. The Portable Miracle Project package includes a full program curriculum, class breakdown, license and access to The Miracle Project name, marketing, fundraising and other materials.

We also offer Skype and phone consultations with Coach “E” – Elaine Hall – and  our program directors, musical directors, and music therapists.

Several times a year, The Miracle Project offers Intro, Level 1, Level 2, and Advanced Trainings in various cities.

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