The Miracle Project

THE MIRACLE PROJECT, founded in 2004, uses a groundbreaking methodology to provide individuals with autism and other disabilities the tools to build communication, social skills, community, and greater self-esteem through inclusive theater and expressive arts programs. ALL children of ALL abilities grow in skill and in spirit while creating and performing in original musicals. This acclaimed arts program was documented in the HBO double EMMY Award-winning documentary, AUTISM: THE MUSICAL.

We offer dynamic, and innovative curriculum, instructional workshops and branded educational support as well as addressing the needs of family and friends through our family wellness program and its growing community.

Through its principles of acceptance and artistic expression, The Miracle Project is dedicated to empowering those living with autism.

A brief trailer depicting the exciting work of The Miracle Project, Musical Theatre Program for Special Needs and Typical Kids. The project was recently documented in a feature film called Autism:The Musical