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The Intimidation Game

The Miracle Project created an anti-bullying musical called “The Intimidation Game” during the 2014-2015 season.

In 2016, The Miracle Project workshopped, rehearsed, and performed “The Intimidation Game” at The Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts in Beverly Hills. The cast was comprised of individuals with and without disabilities who performed the play to four sold out audiences, including a performance for a Hollywood Middle School.

“The Intimidation Game” is an original anti-bullying musical. This fully inclusive program features teens and young adults with and without autism and other disabilities in the performance. Inspired by the personal stories of the participants, the show is about the challenges facing the new student as he tries to find his way in a high school full of cliques and quick judgments about who fits in and who doesn’t. The musical aims to help others understand autism and neurological differences and to teach tolerance, compassion, inclusion, and anti-bullying.  Funding provided in part by a generous grant from the Madeline and Mandell H. Berman Foundation.

 The Intimidation Game at Sinai Akiba Academy in Los Angeles, CA

In February of 2017, The Miracle Project performed “The Intimidation Game” for Sinai Akiba Academy for the school’s 5th-8th grade students. Here are some photos and reflections from the event:

Group IG at Sinai








Bully Group IG at Sinai














Lessons students took away:

  • No matter who you are you can still do important and great things
  • Don’t judge
  • Know who you are; then you won’t take the words of the bullies so seriously
  • Bullying can be overcome when you surround yourself with people who care about you and love you
  • People can define “normal” for themselves
  • Accept differences
  • Nobody should be judges for differences
  • People with disabilities are just as capable as we are
  • You should be nice to everyone


Would other middle schools appreciate this play?

  • Yes, it helped changed my thinking about bullying. You learn from it
  • I learned that kids with autism are capable of participating in theater and befriending kids who don’t have autism
  • Yes, other middle schools can learn these lessons. I would be worried about showing this play to younger kids because they have to be mature enough to understand the message
  • Kids with autism have strengths that I don’t have. I’m not an opera singer!
  • If middle school kids see what is going on inside kids with autism’s heads, they will be more likely to stop bullying

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