Appendix: Here are some of the professionals, organizations, programs and media listings that were mentioned in Now I See the Moon, and others, which may be valuable resources for your own journey. Please go to The Miracle Project website for phone numbers, addresses and more resources,

Other resources with Elaine Hall:

  • AUTISM: The Musical – Directed by Tricia Regan can be purchased through or at

  • 7 Keys to Unlock Autism for Educators – (Spring 2011) Wiley

By Elaine Hall, Diane Isaacs, and Lisa Johnson

  • Who Am I: The Play within AUTISM: The Musical – Music, Lyrics, and DVD available at
  • Unlocking the World of Autism: 7 Keys to Becoming Miracle Minded – DVD and CD Rom series Produced by Concept Media with Elaine Hall and Diane Isaacs for first responders, medical professionals,

Services and Programs mentioned in Now I See the Moon:

Vista Inspire Program

Additional Resources