The Miracle Project Judaica

The Miracle Project Judaica (TMPJ), uses Jewish music, dance, story and culture to create an inclusive, dynamic, Jewish community for individuals with autism and other special needs.  The Miracle Project Judaica was just chosen by the prestigious Slingshot Guide as one of North America’s top 18 Jewish programs for individuals with disabilities.


The Miracle Project Judaica (TMPJ) not only addresses the needs of children with autism spectrum disorders, it embraces and strengthens the entire family. Encouraging creative play and fostering relationships, this Jewish-based musical theater and film program offers an opportunity for parents, siblings, and children, teens and young adults with disabilities to come together in an inclusive environment to explore Jewish culture and stories through dance, music and theater.  TMPJ, a project of the acclaimed theater arts organization The Miracle Project, offers its programs and workshops in Los Angeles  with plans to make its trainings and resources available to synagogues, JCCs, and other institutions across the country. TMPJ offers children with a wide spectrum of disabilities the chance to perform on stage and grow in self-confidence while supporting the whole family. Innovative in its “reverse inclusion” model, TMPJ’s creative music, dance, acting, and writing programs encourage children of all abilities to work together and learn from one another, helping siblings learn to cooperate and understand one another better while encouraging friendships and improving social skills for all children. TMPJ recognizes that parents of children with disabilities also need support; therefore, the program offers Torah-based discussion groups and time to talk for adults as well. When it comes time for the child with disabilities to become a bar or bat mitzvah, TMPJ uses a unique, creative multi-sensory approach to Torah learning that recognizes and honors the ability of each child and allows the entire family to join in this important lifecycle event. “  from the Slingshot  Disabilities and Inclusion Supplement 13-14

Elaine Hall offers Synagogues and other faith-based institutions  across North America, her critically acclaimed “Inclusion from Within” (I WiN) program which trains organizations how to be accepting and appreciative of  differences.

Neal Bar MitzvahThe Miracle Project Judaica teaches others how to create a multi-sensory, individualized Bar/Bat Mitzvah for children who have special needs and a dynamic post-B’nei Mitzvah program.

The Miracle Project is entering into its eleventh year in California.

The Miracle Project and The Miracle Project Judaica are licensed by the 501c3 non-profit, Project Miracles, which also provides low-cost methods for building community by training lay people, teen volunteers, and professionals in Hall’s unique methodology, The Seven Keys. With these Seven Keys trainings, new communities gain an understanding of autism and lose the once held fears that they may have held from the ‘unknown. Those impacted with autism and their families benefit from increased friendships, self-confidence and community.