Improv for Interaction – “If I”

Using improvisation, theatre games and role-play, students will practice skills needed for positive social interaction, relationships, and job skills.
Themes include:
  • Building successful and sustaining friendships
  • Creating positive relationships/dating
  • Reading ‘cues’
  • Setting and respecting appropriate boundaries
  • Self-care and positive personal appearance
  • Telling and ‘getting’ jokes
  • Understanding idioms – different ways words and phrases can be used – socially not always literally
  • Using improvisation to discover your unique talents and abilities to find work that you enjoy
  • Practicing job skills in a creative supportive environment
  • Tools to ease anxiety and develop self-regulation
  • Creative ways to deal with teasing, bullying, and cyber-bullying
  • Ways to increase flexibility, spontaneity, imagination and playfulness
  • Current political issues
  • Meeting like-minded friends and having fun!

The Miracle Project uses a groundbreaking and evidence-based methodology that brings out the best in children, teens and young adults of all abilities.  This fully inclusive theater, music, dance, program is the subject of the HBO Emmy Award winning documentary

In a recent study sponsored by the NEA, The Miracle Project has been found as an evidence-based intervention in easing anxiety, increasing confidence, and enhancing self esteem for teens on the autism spectrum.

Ages 16-26

Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm – 7:00pm in Santa Monica

$300 for one 8-week session

Class is limited to 12 participants