The Miracle Project is a “miracle”—a miracle of ingenuity, human intimacy, and creativity. This magnificent work vividly demonstrates the joy and hope of discovering the creative and emotional capacities, which exist in all children, but especially in those children with autism, and other special needs. 
-Autism expert and best selling Author, Dr. Stanley Greenspan

The Miracle Project celebrated techniques work to achieve a multitude of objective for children with special needs.  Exploration of music, movement and drama facilitates personal growth in areas of:

  • Gross motor skills and planning through dance and movement
  • Fine motor skills through art projects and instrumentation
  • Speech and language through vocal training speech and diction
  • Memory through patterns, signing and acting
  • Social skills through collaboration, scene work, and group exercises
  • Mental agility through imagination, focus, and concentration skills
  • Sensory integration and body awareness
  • Group dynamics through taking turns and making transitions
  • Self expression through creative play
  • Confidence building for performances

The overall program serves as a safe and appropriate emotional and physical outlet for the expression of feelings, the processing of one’s inner thoughts, and the practice of daily life skills, thereby facilitating the child’s engagement and comfort level in their homes, schools, and communities.

Each child feels a sense of personal accomplishment, develops self-confidence, self-awareness, and a collective team spirrt, as every Miracle Project member is a valued part of the production.

Through this unique Miracle Project process, two miracles are achieved: the short term outcome is a wonderful theater production and the longer-term outcome is increased socialization and desire for children with autism to engage in more two-way communication with peers and adults.

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